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This 3-Minute Marketing Team Survey is for you August 25, 2020


Are you running a thriving company and feel your marketing team may be off track? Let’s find out why with this 3-Minute Marketing Team Survey.


Maybe you’re feeling frustrated at a lack of marketing results. You feel you have the right staff – whether a marketing team of 2-5 or one administrator wearing many hats – but your company’s marketing lacks focus or feels non-existent. Your team is having difficulty implementing their creative marketing ideas in a structured and strategic way.

This is not about wiping the slate clean and finding a new team. You adore your team! This is about remembering why you hired them in the first place. You know they are quality employees with experience that impresses you. This is about coaching them UP not getting them OUT. 

Our new marketing team development program is being built with you in mind.

To begin, we’ve created a 3-Minute Marketing Team Survey that I’d love to share with you. In less than three minutes, you’ll be able to clearly see where opportunities for improvement lie so that your marketing team can perform at their highest potential and you see results from your marketing investment.

I’d be happy to make this available to you today. Simply provide your email below and I’ll get the “3-Minute Marketing Team Survey” to you straight away.


Marketing Team Development Focus Group

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